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FG9049 Jeanne
FG9049 1/8 Jeanne

good condition thank you,

kokosobo (Korea, Republic of
FG7042 Aira Blancneige Galdenias
FG7042 1/8 Aira Blancneige Galdenias

arrive safe ,looks awesome ,

gogg (Australia
RT0952 VF-1J/S
RT0952  VF-1J/S


haha (Hong Kong
FG9381 Sorceress
FG9381 1/7 Sorceress

Ultra sexy character, incredible pose, perfect size 17 for assembly and painting, lot of details and its base is practically already a diorama...
this GK is crazy for how beautiful she is!

I usually make some changes to my model (sometime a lot) but in this case I like so much that the changes will be minimal!
I m really, really fascinated by this marvel of rendering three-dimensional depth

Wassi (Italy
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