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FG10842 Diamond
FG10842 1/9 Diamond

Nice and tiny kit, great cast, simple pleasure for one-evening paint work! Enjoyable!

FairyofMatsuri (Russian Federation
FG9915 Kongo
FG9915 1/8 Kongo


Ethan (Taiwan
FG9355 Hunter
FG9355 1/6 Hunter

Okay I had no knowledge of this character from a PS4 game as I am getting on now and just like figures to make and paint. This is my third purchase from E2046 and once more I have nothing but praise for the quality and the manner it is all packed. Did the usual check on arrival and knew it would be a fun build and paint.

On the fit of parts it is 100%. Everything slots in perfectly. Clean up is minimal with just removal of key holding parts. Xuron fine cutters are best for this. DO NOT ...I'll say again. DO NOT attempt to build then paint. You will hate yourself if you don't heed this warning. I split the build into legs/base/trunk/face/neck hat/weapons. Once completed it was a simple matter of CA glue. I like to pin large fitting parts then use two part similar to car body repair. It makes a superb long term job. Weapons are fitted with neodymium magnets.

All in all this was as superb kit to build and paint. Worth every penny and more!

Mozzy (United Kingdom
PV8078 Warrior Priestess Tomoe (PVC)
PV8078 1/6 Warrior Priestess Tomoe (PVC)

Nice sexy figre. Cast-offable. Have different clothes to choose.
Well packaged

KAI (United Kingdom
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