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FG8103 Swamp Witch Metallica
FG8103 1/8 Swamp Witch Metallica

Kit bellissimo e ben curato. Spedizione eccellente

mikakokira (Italy
FG10426 2B
FG10426 1/12 2B

One of my favourite from E2046. Beautifully cast and the fit and finish are great.

PEG (Canada
PV4490 Sorceress (PVC)
PV4490 1/7 Sorceress (PVC)

Amazing figure. Along with Amazon they make a nice pair.

E2046fan (Chile
FG8149 Cammy
FG8149 1/7 Cammy

Well crafted and nicely cast simple kit with swift delivery.

DmanM (United States
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