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FG5140 Sakura and Tomoyo Chinese Dress
FG5140 1/6 Sakura and Tomoyo Chinese Dress

\\\٩( 'ω' )و ////

qwqmata (China
FG5269 Nakoruru
FG5269  Nakoruru


199x (China
FG10705 Yui Kotegawa Darkness Version
FG10705 1/6 Yui Kotegawa Darkness Version

perfect cast, thanks

jimb (United Kingdom
PF12341 Mistress 9 (Pre-painted)
PF12341 1/6 Mistress 9 (Pre-painted)

I'm very disappointed with this figure. I own all female villains from Sailor Moon released by Ori x Gathering (Galaxia, Nehellenia, Queen Beryl, Black Lady and Mistress 9). Mistress 9 is out of scale, her head is much bigger than other villains and she's too tall (taller than Nehellenia and Queen Beryl which isn't accurate). It's really disappointing since her sculpt is great and she looks just like in the anime but she just looks bad next to other villains. I also have a big problem with her hair. The hair in the back is just taking too much space and although I can display all my villains in one glass cabinet, Mistress 9 is just taking too much room because of her hair and cannot fit with the others (I'm using Ikea Billy Cabinets). You cannot even see her hair from the back unless you take her out so I honestly feel there was no need to give her soo much her in the back. I'm also very unhappy with her skin tone - it's too yellow with barely any shading - again, next to other villains she looks really bad - almost like she's a cheap UFO Catcher figure. I think this is because they used plastic instead of resin and the shade is off. I think if you are only getting this figure and not other villains than she will look great on her own because there's no comparison but if you have all the villains Mistress 9 simply isn't up to the same quality as the others.

pastelmoonxo (United Kingdom
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