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FG6216 Elf Assassin
FG6216 1/6 Elf Assassin

schöne und sauber gegossene Figur, passgenau, gute Qualität

Mops (Germany
FG10220 Rumina Chan
FG10220 1/6 Rumina Chan

a simple kit, requires some careful pinning plus putty for her arms and head, The head does not slot in the body tightly like other resin kits and probably need some putty to fill up the gap + magnet/brass pin/steel wire for stability

David (Malaysia
FG10942 Prince Demande
FG10942 1/6 Prince Demande

Smooth cast and heavy too, solid cast. Love him.

Integra (United States
FG6151 Suzumiya Haruhi
FG6151 1/7 Suzumiya Haruhi

love it !!!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!

paymore (United States
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