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FG11252 Shikinami Asuka Langley
FG11252 1/4 Shikinami Asuka Langley


米加粒子炮 (China
FG9140 Chu-kana Cat & Chair
FG9140 1/8 Chu-kana Cat & Chair


mercury (China
FG10727 Scathach Third Ascension
FG10727 1/7 Scathach Third Ascension

행사 직전에 사서 좀 억울하긴 한데 그래도 조형이 참 예쁘네요.

TT (Korea, Republic of
FG10039 Lillith Fuau
FG10039  Lillith Fuau

Beautiful figure with great details. I can't wait to assemble it!

Zagara (Italy
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