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STORY: Australia. Candy Candy goes to Australia for visiting her dear friend Georgie. She has accompanied by her nice inseparable friend: the rakoon "Clean". The two girls decide to have a picnic for celebrating the event. They choose an enchanting place in the green,lay down their table cloth with a delicious strawberry cake, bread and a jar of jam. They pour in the cups the engish tea which Georgie has brought during her journey in London. The girls have brought some books also but the lively Georgie prefears to enliven picnic by snatching Candy' s straw hat! Georgie runs away while the amused Candy, got up off the ground, has up her long skirt for running after her! The rakoon Clean is flabbergasted while the koala Loup, the inseparable friend of Georgie, seems to have more interest in the delicious strawberry cake left unattended on the lawn..... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The diorama measures 50 cm (19,7 inches) in lenght x 50 cm (19,07 inches) in height and 50 cm (19,07 inches) in depth. The figure FG2044 of "Lacus Clyne" 1/8 scale has been transformed into the enchanting "Lady Georgie" by using mouldable pasta as you can see in the photo. I sculpted and changed arms, hands and the legs with barefoot by using "PROSCULPT". Instead, the pretty "Candy Candy" has been created from one of the two models FG2239, "Miina" of "Please Twins" series, 1/8 scale. I sculpted her long skirt with "PROSCULPT". The two trees are hand made, by using old dead wood and imitation leafs. The cake, the tea, the jam and Bread are hand made as well. I also modelled "Clean", the rakoon of Candy, and "Loup", the koala of Georgie. The hair of all models has been entirely modelled by hands, both front side and back side, Candy's ponytails and the bang too. I also modelled ribbons, dresses, belts and every kind of accessory. The models have been hand-painted with paint-brush, with many shadow tones and resin varnishes. ALL CHANGES YOU CAN SEE IN THE MODELS ARE HAND-MADE. THE MODELS HAVE BEEN "CUSTOMIZED" TO REPRODUCE THE FAMOUS JAPANESE ANIME CHARACTERS OF "CANDY CANDY" AND "LADY GEORGIE" '70 and '80 SERIES, the most famous series of Yumiko Igarashi. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND...GOOD LUCK TO ALL PARTECIPANTS! ^_^

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nany (France)


Congratulations beautiful work !!!!!!!! I am in love. very nice tribute. I want to know do the same ^ _ ^.

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EternalSailorMoon (Germany)


This is a really cute Diorama ^_^

Good Job

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Kian (Germany)


Your work is matching perfect with the series style. Its such a finde piece of art you`ve done. Im empressed about the figure custom-version because you show a lot of love for the original. The eyes are so beautiful - thank for showing this cute and detailed work!

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