Momo is ready to fight!

Momo is ready to fight!

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Last Update 2011-05-03 10:41:50

After a few accidents, she is finally finished! She is painted only with brush. It was easy. But the assembling was so difficult (or I was too stupid LOL). But I hope you like her as I do. ^^ My favourite is her angry look. ❤❤❤

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inu-sama (United States)


Very nice job! Good painting, and the details on her scabbard are very crisp. The addition of the flowers on her clothes is a nice touch, too.

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


Lots of this Momohime for this contest!

She is pretty, I like her eyes and the eyeshadow a lot. However there's a loss in my suspension of disbelief when I look at her. I think the purple stocking need a bit more shading to make them standout and maybe a more matte finish on them. I like the rocks being matte finish but I think the water needs to be glossy. I think the most problem I have is theres no gloss on her eyes, which can really add to the character. The colors are nice and you've done a good job on the scabbard and using matte varnish!

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kawe (Germany)


Another wonderful Momohime. I want one too! D:
I would only have built a light tent for her.

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