Sailor Cosmos

Sailor Cosmos

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Main Painting by airbrush Details and eyes by hand brushing and drybrush. Used paint: Tamiya colors The most difficult part was her cape it was difficult to make her stand free but I managed the task ^^. Another difficult part was the airbrushing of the lightblue shadings on her entire cloth. Again the shading on the cape was the most work. I hope she you like her. ^^

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inu-sama (United States)


Nice job, and the removable cape is a nice touch. The painting looks smooth and the edges nice and crisp.

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annya12345 (United States)


Its very hard to paint white and you did a very good job with it. She looks so peacefull and serine. Great job.

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Nehelenia (Greece)


She is very beautiful but your light setting is so bad that takes away lots of her beauty. I am not good at photography myself so I know its a pain :S

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