A break in the day

A break in the day

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The scene is set in 1943 at a German re-fitting station somewhere in European Germany. This is where the machines of war were repaired and put back into service. As the diorama depicts not every day was spent on the front lines fighting. The large Famo is towing a Panzer III light weight tank into the mechanic repair station. The Famo was used to carry troops and also to tow very large pieces of equipment. The Panzer show signs of a very long fought campaign. With the turret being salvaged from a tank of the standard German gray with the running base from a tank that spent time in northern Africa painted in the German Yellow. The men in the Famo can not help trying to engage with the two young ladies riding by on there bicycles while they show no interest at all with the men. The two young women have their interest in the small dog marking his spot on the large engine that the mechanics are reassembling. The three mechanics are taking the time to enjoy the little brake in the busy day to engage with the small dog. As you can see not to far off that the medic is bringing a wounded comrade to a nearby aid station. Hundreds of hours were spent researching and assembling this diorama. The Diorama is comprised of several different media elements. The Famo and Panzer are Tamiya 1/35 scale with Arber photo etch supper details sets. I used walk around photos of each one to recreate miniature copies. Both sets of tracks are individually pinned metal links. The figures are a mixture of Hornet and Wolf resin kits, using different heads to fit the expressions that I was looking for. The base was constructed from scratch. Paint is mostly Humble and Tamiya. I finished with pastels and paint washes to show the age and wear. I know this really does not fit into the standard Garage kit, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did completing it. Boz

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E2046-Simon (United States)


Amazing!!! Speechless.

Salute to your respect for the GK Contest.

I really do expect to see your next "mega" work :D

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kisekae (Canada)


Well, you have to be proud of this! Hundreds of hours? More like thousands, I would say. It's fantastic modelling work.

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inu-sama (United States)


I've never liked the way those figures are sculpted, weird faces, bad hands, etc. But you did a good job painting them, and the mechanical parts are fantastic. All the details in the scene are amazing and it really depicts a complete story. The dog peeing is a funny touch.

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