Devil Girl with Scythe

Devil Girl with Scythe

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Last Update 2012-03-28 14:53:21

This figure it was a grail for me, bought the PVC long, long time a go, I had searched for her for 10 years!! and one day found her on auction, really lucky! Was not easy to paint, because she is extremely big! in fact need to change her base because she is so unstable. I will upload a wip as soon as the contest is finished, a list of colors and how to build a HUGE figure like this one ;)

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merlin-art (Germany)


Congratulation to this wonderful GK. You did a wonderful painting job at her.

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smoon (Mexico)


Thank you so much for all your nice comments

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inu-sama (United States)


Really good job with the painting. The hair looks like fire, which is very cool.

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