Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D

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This is a very old figure that I could get a few months ago, the bat belongs to Dark Elf Combat, when I built her never used the bat, you may see it here But this time found a very good use for the bat :D It is a very simple diorama, not great ideas but D is so cool!! I will upload a wip as soon as the contest is finished :)

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merlin-art (Germany)


It's a real pity that the pictures are so dark. It's hard to image the figure and the painting job in all the black. Hope to see some nice and more lighted photos after the contest. Well and to be honest I think he would fit in more in figure section than in Diorama. Anyway wish you luck for the contest

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


Hopefully I can leave a better comment after the contest and you upload some brighter pictures. He looks pretty good, from what I can see. I think his skin could be a tad paler. I like the red on the base part, but it still doesn't qualify much as a diorama =(

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inu-sama (United States)


Looking forward to your additional pics after the contest. I'd like to admire D in all his glory

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