1/5 Chun Li High Kick

1/5 Chun Li High Kick

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Related product: FG2195 http://www.e2046.com/product/589 Hi, This year I wanted to do a kit of my first video game memory. When I was a child, I discovered street fighter II, the first character I played was Chun-li, and she remind me my childhood memories.I wanted to do a Chun-li kit with a typical posing for the character. It was a long work with the preparation and painting, but I did it after months of work. I used 5 differents blue tones for the dress, I wanted to create a sweet harmony between her musculate legs with the stockings, and the softness of her dress. So I don\'t made huge effects on the dress because it would be too much agressive with the muscles. I made the typical \" red\" chinese make up and sparkling lips. Once again, I like the contrast between fighter but feminine. I hope you will like my work, it was one of the difficult kit I made, the assembly was very hard because of the weight of the pieces and the posing. Thank you for watching and support! Shoko

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inu-sama (United States)


Really nice job showing her musculature on her legs!

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Darth_Matcher (Brazil)


Looks amazing ! Congratulations ^_^

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53624 (Philippines)


Judging form the size of the entry card this must be HUGE! The shadings of this kit is also great, but I'm not that much fond of the sculpt of her face, but still great job!

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