[SciFi] MashUp

[SciFi] MashUp

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My first attempt in building a diorama. The dio is a mix between StarCraft, Alien and Maschinenkrieger [Ma.K.]. The Bay is based on the StarCraft II armory \"BAY 12\", the planets in the background are also self-made. The girls and the Mecha are from Ma.K. And the cat is Jones from the first Alien movie :) The Story: The Fireball is under repair and it\'s driver (the girl in the same colours) is staring into space, waiting for her mission to begin. The mechanic in red is checking up some data while a Ma.K. Falke driver is chit-chatting with her. Every girl has a different skin-, hair- and even eye-colour. I didn\'t damage the Fireball that much since it\'s designed for space missions, and there is ususally not really damage, same goes for the bay, rust and stuff would be death for everything, so the materials are made of stainless steel :)

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merlin-art (Germany)


Nice setting and wonderful clear painting job. Wish you good luck for the contest.

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


Awesome job, Hyony! This turned out really nicely. I love the weathering on the bay area walls and the mecha as well. The colors you used for the characters and the mecha are surprising but very refreshing from that reference pics. The kitty is a little brightly colored, I've never seen a cat that color XD Really great job on the details in such a small dio.

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Hyony (Germany)


Thank you everyone! ♥

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