Wanting the maidens crystal

Wanting the maidens crystal

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Figure: Sienna Areel Scratchbuild: Octopus Paint: Tamiya Acrylics Decorations: Wooden frame, seashells, corals This is my way of saying goodbye to a beloved person, all items I used for the decoration were belonging to my dead grandfather. He enjoyed building tin soldiers his hole life and he was the reason I started building model kits. I will never forget the time and joy I had with him. So this diorama is for him. ^^

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merlin-art (Germany)


Very nice diorama. The colours that you choosed for the mermaid remember me at a sunset. Wish you luck for the contest.

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


Cute diorama! I love the gradient on the mermaid, it's really lovely and soft. The octopus is a nice touch, if a bit cheesy and the added coral is nice. The base is cute but a tiny bit overcrowded maybe. I like the little gem in her hand, too. The mermaid herself has a few blemishes, but overall this is a nice diorama!

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Katsumy (Germany)


Haircolour remembers me of Sailor Galaxia in her true form and i love it^^ Like the Colours and the Diorama looks very cute. Nice overall picture

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