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This diorama was inspired by the series Fate Stay Night, Saber is a medieval knight, evoked from a distant past to help a master summoner to conquer the Holy Grail. Rin is one that evokes the struggle for the conquest of the Treasury, together give life to this simple diorama. On a scale of 1/7 the 2 figures are beautiful, I just have to polish gems that shone its own light. As always, the resins are perfect as the standard e2046. I hope you enjoy this little skit.

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merlin-art (Germany)


Nice setting and great paintjob. Wish you luck for the contest.

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=Seiya= (Italy)


Thanks for the advice, are always welcome,
My level has never been higher, but with you I'm growing,
I will treasure these other tips

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


Pretty good diorama. I rather like the weathering and shading on the base. The addition of swords from Rin's kit is a nice touch as well. I really like the shading in Rin's hair and her shirt color is especially nice. I find that Saber's overall appearance is a bit bland, lacking much shading in the hair and the armor doesn't have much of a luster. The eyes are well-painted on both girls. I feel there could've been a bit more prepwork done on Rin's hair to remove some of the blemishes and there could be a bit more shading on Saber to bring out some of her details and make her shine.

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