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STORY: Greece, Athena\'s temple: the arrival of the terrible silver saint, Shaina of Ophiucus break the silence of the solemn air of the temple. She is here for Saori\'s death! Seiya of Pegaso, arrive to protect the beloved goddess and he is ready to fight wearing the Sagitter gold cloth...fighting, the saints lose respectively the helmet and the mask. Seiya looks the face of the warrior remain just the death for him! but there is someone who peep through the curtains in a dark corner...she is Marin of Eagle, ready for fighting for Athena with her dear disciple Seiya. Now it\'s time to extend the Athena\'s cosmos and encourage Seiya in the battle...who will be the winner? The diorama measures 35,43 inches in lenght x 17,72 inches in height. All the transformations have been entirely modelled and sculpted by hands. MODELS HAVE BEEN CUSTOMIZED TO REPRODUCE THE FAMOUS ANIME CHARACTERS OF SAINT SEIYA by M. Kurumada. Seiya with Sagitter cloth is the toy of Bandai Myth Crown series

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merlin-art (Germany)


The setting idea is great. It's a little bit to hard to image the whole thing during the different scale of the figures. But it looks great.

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FandomKastom (Italy)


If you want to see a video of my work is here:!/photo.php?v=366308236754581&set=vb.100001262233403&type=2&theater

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


Nice diorama. You did a good job with the material used for the drapes as well as the flooring and walls. The customized figures look nice, I still love the style you give to the hair, it's very pretty and remniscent of old-style anime. My only gripes are that the kits look a little cramped in there and the Seiya figure kind of stands out as a figure and not a kit like the others.

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