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merlin-art (Germany)


Unfortunatly I must agree with seraph. The Evil Fox is really nice painted but it don't work with the diorama background.

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


The Evil Fox kit looks very nice, I particularly like the colors you used and you brought out the details of the kit well. The background city is nice but not nearly as detailed as the kit itself and thus makes it appear a little bland. I don't really get why the lights are in there...the circular base for the evil fox detracts a bit from her being part of the scene itself, as she would've looked more like a giant goddess in a city without that circular base to set her apart from it.

I do feel that this would have been a bit better suited to the Figure section, as there is no interaction with the background scene and it's hard to see the "story" the scene tells. Still, it is a nicely painted kit and the background scene looks nice.

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darkelfkaty2007 (Italy)


ps. What do you think of my figure in the contest? black tinkerbell.

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