1/8 Asuka with Ice-cream

1/8 Asuka with Ice-cream

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Last Update 2012-04-26 17:50:30

I really love to build dioramas and here I could build one with water for the first time. It has not become quite as I imagined but I am still satisfied with the results. Her parasol is actually a giant cocktail umbrella XD

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KVS (China)


Nice job!

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merlin-art (Germany)


Really nice setting but I agree with seraph. She would be better in figure section 'cause there is no story behind it and the second figure is missing. Which is one of the criterias for diorama section.

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seraph_phoenix (United States)


This is a cute little scene.

Asuka is very cute, I love the way you painted her eyes. The sand came out nicely, as did the water and the little magazine. I think it would have had more impact if you'd have had another kit standing behind her, like she's looking back at that person.

I think this may have been a better fit for the Figure category, as Asuka doesn't really have any interaction with the scene, though it does tell a bit of a story.

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