Asuka in Plugsuit

Asuka in Plugsuit

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This was commissioned to me to me last year and I was able to finish in time for the contest :) Funny story about this character is that I rant a lot on how many Asukas and Reis there are for GK\'s and I swore never to buy one and build it, the irony of the thing is that i didn\'t buy it but I sure built it and I couldn\'t say no, to say the truth it was quite fun painting her since she was a Shunya Yamashita Kit :3 I guess the joke\'s in me XD Hope you like her ^^;

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Anonymous (United States)


Beautiful work, hope your Sae Sawanochi ends even better than this one

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Nairoc (United States)


Very clean airbrushing! Her face is my favorite part - looks just like a pretty teenager wearing a bit to much makeup (like popular ones might do)

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Flash178 (United Kingdom)


Awesome, I have this model. If she turns out only half as good as yours, I will be happy. Job well done indeed.

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