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1/4 Chii

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Wow....she\'s finished!!!XD I worked on her over one month and every day was needed!!! Specially her hair and dress took me much time, because they are splitted in different pieces. I changed a little her hair, because I want her without the hair clips in the end of the strands. The dress was a bit tricky, because of parts and assembling the legs.... She looks so innocent....but she isn\'t .... The base design is inspired by the picture book appearing in the OVA. I love her and so happy to have done this beauty!! Hope you like her, too : )

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Hallie (Chile)


Great Job!! What putty did you use on her hair?

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百野栞 (China)


It's such an amazing job that I can't stop myself to get her……good bye my wallet……

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karuma87 (Italy)


Complimenti!!!! ;)

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