Waking up a New World

Waking up a New World


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“The shelter door was frozen and forgotten in the middle of nowhere. The first shelter Meifea found since he left his vault two weeks ago. Exhausted and almost out of supplies. Wanted to get inside and get warm. Finally rusty valve creaked and he got in. But he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her waking up… That’s how he met Kirta” My favorite LongLong but so boring pose. The original helmet I didn’t like, so it was very long before I bought Kirta. And it was a challenge to think out a dynamic setup for her. I wanted to continue my story about Meifea. So he helped me to make something exploring, post-apocalyptic, adventuring and a little romantic. As usual all junk and trash has been involved to build the scene. The door was my 1st project for 3D-printer. Also crane hook & valve on top. I didn’t realize that it’s so hard to break a glass can in a specific spot. It\'s my first experiments with water imitation. And I love transparent tubes in Kirta’s back. Hope you will like it!

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Makestuff (Canada)



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Luna (United States)


I have no words...just amazing.

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Ami (Russian Federation)


Поздравляю!!! И, с нетерпением, жду следующего шедевра!

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Огромное спасибо!

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