Snake-God Soldier

Snake-God Soldier


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Hi everybody! ^^ Here is my entry for the E2026 contest : ) I wanted this color scheme so much for the Snake-God soldier and now I\'m really glad and happy how it turned out. It was not easy to manage all that parts.... and sometimes airbrushing and painting them was really stressful XD The parts have around 8-9 layers of different colors (black, gold- and silver metallic, red-brown, 2 clear red tones, smoke ) Finally to accent the gold lines on the parts I used oil paint for more deepness. A real challenge was to bring the kit and the base together. I needed a whole day to get it in the right position and to fix it with screws. I hope you like it ^^

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sanchong (United States)


very nice work

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雷電 (Taiwan)



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tomcat (Germany)


Thanks so much!!!<3

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