[A Nightmare on Elm Street] Freddy Krueger

[A Nightmare on Elm Street] Freddy Krueger

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The fitting was awful, and in the end I stopped caring about. The first head I received was also disformed, guess the whole kit was a big mess. I am satisfied with the paint-job tough. Tried something new and it was a success, no WIP this time. I\'m lazy. EDIT: I just noticed that what looks like her tongue (and I painted it red because it really looks like a tongue), is actually her teeth!!!! Damn that whole cast is so f*****g awful. I\'ll change it one day…

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Lillienne (United States)


Too bad about the fitting; it's unfortunate, but it happens sometimes. She looks amazing, regardless.

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tomcat (Germany)


Ich finde die Haut mega genial! Ich würde deinen Stil immer erkennen !!!
Ich liebe sie! Viel Glück für den Wettbewerb!
Minikritik: An den Haare hättest du noch ein wenig schleifen können : P

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Hyony (Germany)


Nicht nur an den Haaren
Umso öfter ich das Ding anschaue, desto weniger mag ich sie xD

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none88 (Germany)


The colours are spectacular!

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