1/4 T-elos

1/4 T-elos


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This T-elos fits perfect to my 1/4 Kos-Mos I built several years ago. When the Dragon-Tooth appeared for Kos-Mos in the shop, I wanted this so bad, but my Kos-Mos was built and no chance to remove the gun/shoulder So I decided to do a conversion of T-elos. I modified the arm, hand and armor of T-elos and the Dragon-Tooth that they match together. The color-scheme of the Dragon-tooth was adapted to T-elos style :) Overall she was a real challenge to built, a lot of masking tape and patience was needed. But I\'m really happy with the result and I hope you like her!

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Kenofchaos (United Kingdom)


Stunning build. 😍😍😍
I have to ask. what brand of paints did you use for the metalics on her :D i used Alclad candys on my 1/8 telos and had nothing but hassle with masking. i'm planning on getting this one so any advice would be really apreciated loads.. 😁😁


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E2046-Simon (Korea, Republic of)



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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Spectacular! Everything about this figure is impressive. A gorgeous colour palette. Incredible detailing and subtle shading. Superb. Her eyes are extraordinary. Well done! And congratulations on the win.

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