Alien and Ripley

Alien and Ripley

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Ripley and Alien is a 3D printed kit. This is the first 3D kit that I have completed. The 3D printed kit takes sculpting to a different level. It was completely sculpted on a computer and that information sent to the 3D printer to make the different parts needed. Way cool! I built the background in a Alien type platform from scratch to give the figures more contrast. The 3D print is from a French artist that calls himself Mushroom. He has a blog that is worth checking out at http://contactprodblog.blogspot. Enjoy BOZ

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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Sensational! I like that you've carried the 'whimsical' feel of the figure into the paint-up. Exquisite detailing in the base/background. An incredible build. I love it.

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Mattakkione (Italy)


Very cute, but it's totally wrong: Ripley didn't had so much boobs! Good paintjob

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vilmaxiii (United States)


haha love this!

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