The Final Push

The Final Push

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It is late in the war and the crew is putting together what they hope will be the final push to victory. From re-arming the Panzer tank to just changing the needed old fluids from one of the engines, they will be prepared. The Panzer Captain is getting the latest intel from one of the worn and tried men as they pass through the area. They will throw everything they have to this Final Push to victory. We all know how this battle must have finished, in defeat. This diorama is in 1/16 scale. The Panzer IV tank is from the company Trumpeter and has scratch building throughout. As you can see the mens work area in the tank have there own personal touch. The figures are from Jeff Shiu collection. The building, stone wall and cobble stone roadway was hand made from bake clay. The rest of the landscape was made from stuff found around my shop. This scale is great for detail and is so much fun to look at. This is not an exact presentation of an actual event.

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Boz (United States)


Thank you all for such positive comments.

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AndreaModelCat (Italy)


For me this is a Masterpiece !!! these man seem alive (maybe you have got some great pictures), but they are the rest; Congratulation

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Kaname (Germany)


Very nice work! I like the little details you made, especially the small pictures from the Lady's ^^,

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