Sakuya Mode Seraphim

Sakuya Mode Seraphim

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Sakuya in mode seraphim by dragonwings83 Doesn\'t look like she is a lot of work, but the cloth pieces were a pain to connect and bent. Her wings are so heavy so she leans to one side, she is fixed with a screw in the base so she stands secure. -.- did use some more colors on her then just white wings, used Pebéo colors. last two pictures are just some random artistic edits. Just loved the introverted color look of them so attached them too. ;)

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AndreaModelCat (Italy)


I'll be repetitive but these wings are superb. Also i like her skin and eyes: Congrats

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Star507 (United Kingdom)


Such pretty wings! Lovely shading and great eyes - I like your choice of colors.

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Silkala (Germany)


Very nice wings. I don't like the color of the hair. But that's my personal opinion

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