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Asagiri Ayame

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This kit was love at the first moment!! I got her from a friend and I am so happy <3 After many hours of sanding...( especially her hair...) 100 test fittings...I needed the same time to find the \"perfect\" color scheme @_@ Blue, red, green, with flowers or without.... different color gradients...I had so much ideas. Thanks to all friends for your opinion <3 This helped me so much! At last I decided to give her some vibrant and some soft colors. Everything worked fine....only at the end I had some trouble with her hair and to put the body inside of them... After \"little\" corrections, I could handle it. I hope you like my work : )

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Kima (Germany)


Fantastic!! Love your work.

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Star507 (United Kingdom)


Love the colors and shading - extremely beautiful. You are very skilled!

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Silkala (Germany)


I like the color palate. Very interesting choice and great result.

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