1/100 Gastness Temple

1/100 Gastness Temple

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In our holidays in Egypt we saw the mask of Tutanchamun and we had that crazy idea to paint this mech in the same colors. I was not sure if it will look good, so I created a test-picture with \"gimp\" and was really surprised how good the colors fit to this mecha. Here is the result ^^ Colors I used: \"Tamiya\" semi gloss black, \"Vallejo\" Oro Liquid Gold, \"Schmincke\" Ultramarine, \"Citadel\" Temple Guard blue, \"Vallejo\" Scarlet, black ink I am happy how the colors turned out. Hope you like it.

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AVProject (Spain)


Nice model!!! Nice paint!!! Superb!

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Zephyr01 (New Zealand)


Stunning! Gorgeous colour palette. Superb detailing. He's very impressive.

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Serafin (Germany)


Very fitting color scheme and very clean work. Good luck

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