Metal Gear Solid Bishoujo - Sniper Wolf

Metal Gear Solid Bishoujo - Sniper Wolf

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Metal Gear Solid is my all-time favorite video games. Unfortunately, there are many good figures of the amazing characters. This Sniper Wolf was an exception. It is definitely the best MGS figure (no matter PVCs or GKs by amateur groups in WF) out on the market. Thanks e2046 for turning it from PVC. In terms of the work, the cast itself was very good with almost no deformation. The PSG-1 sniper rifle was almost perfectly linear. The cast was very smooth. So the majority of working time was on the painting. The hair was the hardest part because it contains many layers and folds. It had to be painted repeatedly with highlights and shadows before and after assembly especially I needed to fill the gap when the hair parts were put together. I enjoyed the process very much and I wish e2046 can keep up with the good casting quality.

Anno Hideaki
(Hong Kong)
GK Contest Participant

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Star507 (United Kingdom)


I really like this model. I love your attention to detail. The dog looks amazing and the wood effect and weathering on the ammo box are really nicely done.

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