Guardians of the fortune

Guardians of the fortune

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I decided for this year I wanted to make a diorama that shows much nature and I wanted to build something with my beloved animals pandas. So I looked all over the internet to find a Kit that is a panda or has a panda within. As I waited for the two Kits I looked all over for little Panda figures. And by the way I found a little house for birds, I build it new with milliput and sticks of wood and pearls that it look like a pagoda. As the Kits arrived I decedid to do the two girls not as twins and changed the hair of both to get for both a new look. Also the cloth i changed a bit in painting that they are not the same. One I gave a little plaything instead of her wheapon so that a little panda kan play with her. The little pandas i bouht I repainted so that all panda (Kit and Mini) look same way. One of the big panda I broke both armes so that I could gave her a baby in her armes. the baby is build of an playmobil panda keychain. The Stand is a tablet for breakfast on wich I pasted sand with glue then I decorated all with moss and grass and build a sea with a little river. over the river i set a little bridge and set a panda baby on it. In the background I have bamboo made of drinking straw and a set of 2 synthethic bamboo. all of the Diorama is also decorated with wood pices and painting colour. The two girls reflect who they stand for in all of the diorama. The blue one stand for water with her calm and peacefully image. She shows the relaxing art of water what is also unwaveringly. The other girl for wood with her brown colour. She shows the strengh and unbreakability of wood and the nature itself. The diorama will reflect all the beauty of panda in the free wilderness and who much it is important to protect their living room and their art. I shows my love for pandas <3


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ribaki (Spain)


very very nice. congratulations

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