Picnic Time

Picnic Time

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Picnic with Gan-chan. :) Home-Made sushi, trees and a some uninvited guests. ;) Everything is handmade except chibi Belldandy and Skuld (they are GKs I painted them. ;) ). Belldandy's flowers and hair "antennas" are handmade too. The shadows were made with airbrush and some place with a little pastel chalk. Water: AK-Interactive Resin Water and Water Gel Transparent. (+ artificial moss, pebbles, piranhas: balsa wood+putty) Gan-chan: a piece of wood + wire + Magic Sculpt (Wesco) + a little putty Picnic bench: balsa wood, wire, water based wood stain Picnic blanket: a piece of cloth (hand painted pattern) Bentos: putty, balsa wood, insulating tape, paper, some piece of cloth, rubber band Ant: wire and putty Trees: Wire, Kittfort Acrylic filler profi, artificial moss

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Hi Yaten! Thanks for sharing! Mouse (i hope its a mouse) is insanely halarious! Cant stop laughing! Awesome!

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Yaten (Hungary)


Thank you for your nice feedback! ^^ That was my plan originally with creating him: to make the watcher smile. :D

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