War Girl

War Girl

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Hello to all, In this project I have tried to paint the miniature in a more 'realistic' way. I have tried to show the tiredness in the eyes and on the face. The cat is meant as a more surrealistic element that decided to pay a visit to a dead tired combatant as she is trying to get a moment of rest. I have had a lot of fun preparing this entry. Please enjoy. Thank you for watching. Cardinal

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Thanks for sharing, Cardinal! It's great GK! We also have an original copy form WF. I like the way you painted it. Hope there would be something else instead of only the parts included in gk package.

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Cardinal (Germany)


Hi there,
Thank you for the comment. As to the construction I am kind of a purist, for that reason I realy wanted to do this mini with as few changes as I could. The original base was realy nice thus I had decided to leave it as is.

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