Saber and the curious Koi

Saber and the curious Koi

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It is a hot day at the matsuri and very busy. Saber feeling the heat decides to wander away from the noise of the crowd and find a place to relax. She soon discovers a secluded pond with a cool refreshing stream running into it. Gathering her yukata she sits on a high point in the stream trying to stay dry. It does not take long for the inhabitants of this oasis to come and investigate their guest. Saber is amused as they brush past her leg and nibble her toes in greeting. She lowers her other leg into the pond with great care as to not harm the beautiful ,curious Koi. The Koi are made with Super Skulpy modeling clay. It was not very good for thin parts like tail and fins and small fish bodies. It had to brushed with super glue to keep from falling apart then sprayed with coat after coat of plastic until it was permeated and held solid .No pictures of the fish being made are available. The memory card they are on just shows black rectangles instead of pictures so that was a disappointment.

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