The famed witch

The famed witch

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First time, first time being in a contest and modeling a kit around ! Since no kit nor figure of bayonetta 2 were ever created, I've decided to get into milliput to make things right for our beloved umbra witch. Overall the process was pretty entertainning, especially the modeling parts that were totally new for me. The figure was painted with brushes and acrylic. This pose gave me some issues for making a base although time was running aginst the clock, therefore the simple base. Hope you like the hair and charms, as the whole figure. (Fingers crossed for Bayo3.) "Now It's time to be naughty ! "

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freaXtyle (Garage Whale) (Russian Federation)


Huge restect for the whole work you've made for this project! The painting is a little bit rough for my taste and maybe using airbrush can make the shadows softer and more accurate, but the conversion you made is awesome! BTW the WIP picture where you hold the body (#16) shows how beautiful the face is painted! Good luck on contest!

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Digri59 (France)


Thank you pretty much !
I had considered purchasing an airbrush although the whole investiment is quit big for an amateur ( the air paint, compressor, airbrush care stuff etc...) but totally worthy as I know. Especially for the skin job and shadows which take longer time with brushes. I'll keep that in mind.
Have a good day !

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