Iron Hunger marches

Iron Hunger marches

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Last Update 2019-07-02 11:52:18

This Warhound Battle Titan is actually a Scout Titan to search for Weak Points at the Enemy lines, around 14 metres of pure Firepower, he walked under the Control of an Princeps which is directly connected with his Brain to the Godengine, also there are a Tactical Moderati & a Weapon Moderati that controls this Monstrosity.The Weopons where controlled by 2 intigrated into the Machine itself Servitors, that controls one Weapon on each side. The Princeps feels through his conncetion if there is something wrong with the Engine, like a real Pain, that runs through his entire Body. His Name "Iron Hunger" is part of an Maniple that includes 2 more Warhounds an an Reaver Titan where they form the Titan Legion "Legio Aterus" The Paintjob is based on the Original Artwork for this Titan. Weapons, Head,Headplate, Backplate, Maintorso are full Magnized and i also added 2 Led`s into the Cockpit, whilst the Batterypack and the Switch are placed in the Backpart where the Engine is.

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