How long will it take for me to receive my Gathering (pre-painted) order?

Once pre-orders for Gathering product purchase sent, it usually takes more than six months to complete, however, there are possibilities of delays as all products are made to order by the workshops, so this waiting period is not 100% guaranteed. Until we received a painted sample from workshop, we won't have an exact release date.


How to use quarterly consolidated shipment?

You can choose " Quarterly Consolidated Shipment " on the final confirmation page as shipping instruction when using the normal check out or instant checkout.

Our consolidated system works a bit differently than other services, to better explain this, if you have more than one orders and require us to ship them together, you can choose quarterly consolidated shipment; however the orders will be shipped together for all available item(s), meaning that if you have 2 preorder items and 1 in stock item in order XXXXX1, and you have another order #XXXXX2 with 1 in stock item, those in stock item(s) will leave our warehouse starting from specific dates in our calendar dedicated to ship all consolidated orders.
These dates are:
1st March, 1st June, 1st September, and 1st December.
We offer consolidated shipment for GK, modelling accessories. However, considering the safety over transit, we do not offer consolidate option for Gathering, PVC, Dolls and Others.

Will sold out items return?

GK : Product no longer available from workshop will be listed as Out of Stock, generally they will seldomly re-release in any future.
Gathering : Certain hot items will return according to Wishlist response.
PVC, DOLL & Others : They will not return at E2046.

Can I get a refund on canceled orders?

If you cancel an order, you will be refunded back as cash coupons without being charged a fee (except for deposits). If you request a refund back to your original payment method, we will need to charge a 10% administrative fee, please be sure to contact us to help you with this request.
If you cancel an order which has been sent our purchase order, you will be charged a 5% fee for order cancellation.

If we cancel your order with the reason that workshop or exporter cannot supply any more, then you can get back all refund without charge. (except PVC products)

How long do GK pre-orders take to stock?

E2046 work with different workshops and all of them have a different number of quotas to reach for us to be able to send a purchase order and start production.

We do not have approximate release dates on kits as this depends entirely on our customers puchasing said GK of interest, so please help us into reaching the quotas by promote the pre-orders of your favorite GK with friends or communities. When the quota is reached & purchase order submitted, we will update the product listing with "Pre-order (Purchased)" status, this means that we will expecting a delivery in a two - three months, you can also check up on Feature > Arrival Date

What are the privilege of prepaying orders?

  • Prepaid pre-orders for GK Figures and GK Robots will be granted 3% Cash Coupon Rebate of product price upon Shipment Notice  *see remarks I & II
  • Prepaid pre-orders will not be affected by price raising; for price cutting before Shipment Notice, difference will be refunded via Cash Coupon
  • Prepaid pre-orders will be processed with first priority
  • Items with more prepaid pre-orders will have higher priority while we are making purchase
  • System will update the order status automatically after arrival
I ) Rebate amount do not include shipping fee
II ) Valid for order placed on or after 26 November 2015

What areas does the postal service cover?

Registered Airmail, Speedpost (EMS) by HongKong Post had covered most country & region all over the world. Please take note that EMS offers service neither to any military restricted area nor military vessel; as for SF Express, they cover nearly 200 cities and more than 900 counties throughout Mainland China excluding Qinghai and Tibet; also for most district in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau & Singapore, for regions beyond SF Express service coverage, your package will be shipped to a neighbour area and you will be notified for pick-up.

What credit card do we accept?

All credit cards issued from Countries Support by PayPal will be accepted.

What kind of payment options are available?

All members can choose PayPal, credit card or Alipay for payment. Hong Kong members can send payment via HSBC or PayMe.

How do I use my cash coupons?

At the checkout page, you will have the option to select the box to use your cash coupon balance automatically. If the current balance cannot cover the total price, please settle the outstanding amount by the selected payment method.
At the order page or payment page, please select " Use Cash Coupon ".


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