What products are you offering?

GK Figures : High quality resin figures, assembling and painting required. Mostly consist of Japanese Anime characters.
GK Robots : High quality resin robots, assembling and painting required. Non-humanoid figures will be put under this category as well.
Gathering : 100% hand-made pre-painted kits. Offers are limited.
ORI : Our own work from designing to releasing. World wide exclusive.
ANTIHERO : Provide GK version of PVC to satisfy more modellers.
Tool : Tools for building GK (such as air brushes, display bases, abrasives etc.)
PVC : Directly imported PVC from different famous manufacturers.
Others : Directly imported side-products of hot Animes.
DOLL : Directly imported, high quality movable dolls.

Can parts be purchased separately?

We do not sell parts unless you can show us related order number & broken parts, we then try to contact workshop for help buying replacement but we can't guarantee they will offer you.

Are accessories or instruction offered?

We have remarks for products on product pages that indicate whether accessories or instructions were included. For GK, parts pictures will be uploaded after first arrival.

When will the product listed as coming soon change to pre-order?

While product information come without price we will list it as coming soon, the status will change to pre-order when the price becomes available.

Expected Release Date is for reference only

The dates were provided by workshops and manufacturers indicating expected date for next batch. As an estimation, please take it as reference only. All dates listed are subject to change; E2046 will not made any notifications upon changes.

As each batch contains limited stocks, if it is unable to cover all pre-orders, we will offer the products in "First-Come First-served" basis according to date of pre-order. Nonetheless, prepaid orders will be handled with higher priority.

Will sold out items return?

GK : Product no longer available from workshop will be listed as Out of Stock, generally they will seldomly re-release in any future.
Gathering : Certain hot items will return according to Wishlist response.
PVC, DOLL & Others : They will not return at E2046.

Is commission service offered?

Considering the quality and time required, we do not offer commission service. If you wish to purchase pre-painted products, please take a look at the Gathering Page.

Inquiries about in stocks

Please be noted we use real-time stocking system. All products with "Pre-order" as status means no stocks available for the time being. Please place an order. Products will be offered in "First-Come First-served" basis according to date of pre-order. Nonetheless, prepaid orders will be handled with higher priority.

How come some products are not available in my region?

Certain products are dedicated to Hong Kong members only due to the location issue. Related product pages will be hidden from foreign accounts.

What is "Best Price" and "Special Offer" ?

Best Price refers to items which have ever been stocked. Special promotion is held in order to speed up the order collection process so new batches can be produced to meet those who love classic styles.

Special Offer refers to new items and re-released pre-painted figures. Special promotion is launched to accelerate the order collection process to enable the release of the first batch in a short period of time.

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