What are the benefit of becoming members of E2046?

On top of receiving email newsletters for product updates, purchases and upcoming figures, you will also have the ability to pre-order figures and secure your unit when it becomes in stock, you also have the option to prepay your gk preorder, with this, and you can enjoy 3% cash coupon bonus upon shipment.

If you want to share your completed gk works with other likeminded people in the hobby, we have a whole section of completed galleries from our members where you can upload your pictures and receive comments on your figure from fellow members and start a conversation.

We hold an annual GK contest if you’re more into competing against other talented members for great prizes.

Our store has the largest selection of old and new kits anywhere online, if you can think about a specific kit, we most likely have it and if we don’t, let us know so we may send it to our marketing team for consideration! We’re always open to new gk suggestions.

What is ORI?

ORI is an original brand of E2046 which aims for another choice in the market. We will have WIP and painted sample for each project.For further details, please refer to URL:

Shop ORI

What is Gathering?

Gathering represents our high quality pre-painted resin cast. Some of them even possesses Gathering Surprise which contains extra parts to enhance the appearance. For further details, please refer to URL:

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Generally PVC products do not have their GK counterpart. Thus we take the brand of ANTIHERO offer them as GK, and let our members enjoy the pleasure of model building. Supposedly the production takes around 3 months after the release of PVC.

For related product list, please refer to URL: Shop ANTIHERO

How does Customer Feedbacks works?

Feedback is available for each product once they are shipped, which act as reference for others before making decision. While we issue US$1.00 Cash Coupon per Feedback for GK, & Gathering, each feedback also yield a chance in the "Monthly Lucky Draw". Please note the cash coupon reward only available for feedbacks left within 6 month of initial shipment. The URL below displays all pending feedback(s) in your account:

Pending Feedback in Your Account

What are VIP's advantages?

Your account will be automatically upgraded to VIP once you have spent over US$150.00, or you can purchase our VIP Membership to enjoy the below privileges.
1. All items come with an Extra 7% Off
2. All unpaid Pre-orders placed before becoming VIP will be upgraded as VIP Price (except partially paid preorders)
3. Inquiries will be handled with higher priority
4. Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions

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What is GK Contest?

This is a great event that many expert GK modellers will to compete for the cash prize while the event is held every year here at E2046, and get covered a lot in different media. There are also winners preview to offer few tips on building kits too!

What is Wishlist?

Put your favourite items in Wishlist to check for the item status, prices and expected release dates etc and Add to Shopping Cart at any time.
Moreover, you can select whether to receive Wishlist Updates, create your own categories to manage the items in Wishlist.

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