Why purchased cash coupon cannot be used on accumulation for upgrade to VIP?

Because there will be issue of Double Count experienced, that is why we could only accumulate the payment of commodity, not including the payment amount for cash coupon.

Welcome Offer: US$5 Cash Coupon Rebate

A cash coupon rebate of US$5 will be rewarded for the first order placed within the first 30 days after the registration of each new member!

Terms and conditions:

- Offer has been effective since 14th June 2018
- Each account will only be rewarded once
- No minimum spending required
- Offer can only be applied to any pre-order or in-stock GK Figure, GK Robot, Gathering or PVC items
- Cash coupon rebate will be credited upon Shipment Notice and is valid for months


How to enjoy prepaid cash coupon reward of GK and Gathering products?

 3% cash coupon of product price will be rewarded for prepayment of GK Figures or GK Robots;
 2% cash coupon of product price will be rewarded for prepayment of Gathering Figures or Gathering Robots.;
* Cash coupon reward will be issued after Shipment Notice.
* Reward offer is ineligible if members make payment AFTER Payment Request.

Feedback Cash Coupons

After receiving the item, members can Leave Feedbacks in Here. US$1.00 Cash Coupon will be credited* for each feedback given.
* Not applicable for the products under the categories of Tools, PVC, Dolls, Others and Cash Coupon;
* Not applicable for Feedbacks left 6 months after Shipment Notice issued.

Lucky Draw

You will be granted a chance in Lucky Draw for every Feedback you leave, and every Gallery or Work in Progress you created. For more details, please visit Dedicated Page.

Promotions and Sales

Promotions or Sales are launched occasionally. Terms and conditions will be listed clearly on related pages. Please have a look at the details thoroughly.

* All promotion offers are non-retrospective. Please be noted.

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