Why the delivery address on order is different from My Account record?

It implies that you agree to use delivery address of your PayPal account when choosing the PayPal Express Checkout under their regulations.
Thus, please always check your delivery address on PayPal account before proceed order. Or, you may direct use our own checkout process instead.
Please be advised that E2046 would not bear your loss in case the wrong delivery address caused by selecting PayPal Express Checkout.

Why is deposit not refundable for cancellation of the purchased orders placed via Paypal Express Checkout?

When choosing PayPal Express Checkout, full payment is required for the orders while part of the amount is the deposit (refer to the below cases). For purchased orders, once cancelled, the deposit would be non-refundable.

  • If it is your first order, excluding in-stock items, 20% deposit will be required.
  • Once you complete your first order, deposit will not be required for future orders except the following conditions:
  1. 50% deposit will be required for pre-ordering Gathering products.
  2. 20% deposit will be required for pre-ordering Dolls, PVC, Others. (effective from 2 January 2020)
  3. Duplicate purchase or purchasing more than 1 unit of same item, 20% deposit will be required.
  4. You have an unsettled order and becomes 20% deposit account.
  5. Product price exceeds US$250.00, 20% deposit will be required.



Why the order amount is incorrect?

If member proceed order by PayPal Express Checkout without login to your account. Since PayPal sends back all the details only After Payment, all offers such as VIP Discount*, Cash Coupons, Credit Rewards etc. are not applicable.
* VIP Discount is valid if using Express Checkout after logged into your account.

Why I cannot consolidate shipment when using express checkout?

Since PayPal Express Checkout will bring users directly to PayPal from shopping cart. Shipping Instruction cannot be alter in the process. Therefore Quarterly Consolidated Shipment is not available when purchasing more than one items.


How come the shipping fee is higher when using express checkout?

Since PayPal sends back all the details only After Payment, therefore if member did not login before checkout. Registered Airmail will be selected as shipping method and flat rate shipping fee will apply. After we received order information, we will calculate the corresponding shipping fee and refund any differences by cash coupon.

In addition, since orders with more than one items cannot be consolidated and need to be sent by registered airmail, shipping fee will be calcauted separately and registeration fee apply on each shipment. Therefore the overall shipping fee is generally higher compare to consolidated shipment which charge by total weight with only one registration fee.

What is PayPal Express Checkout?

Users can choose PayPal Express Checkout via shopping cart and link to PayPal directly. After entering required details, payment can be sent directly and order will be confirmed. The order will be shipped to Address Stated in Your PayPal Account.

If you do not have an E2046 account, we will use your PayPal account email to register one for future use (password sent via email). Please login to enjoy more member-exclusive offers.


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