What is Gallery?

Gallery is the platform provided by us for members to share their works and exchange opinions to others from all over the world. You can upload pictures of your GK including the work in progress, you can also leaving comments on others gallery.

There are three major categories: Figure, Robot & Diorama.
- Figure: all humanoid kits;
- Robot: all non-humanoid kits;
- Diorama: a scene with kits interaction to convey a story or event.

Members can share their work in progress and finished gallery for the same kit respectively.
Customized works, scratch builds, kit bashing or conversions are highly appreciated.

How to upload new gallery?

Please make sure you have Login to your account, then you can start from Create Gallery.

What is Gallery of the Day?

To encourage members in sharing their work, we will select one Gallery of the Day according to the following criteria daily:

- GK building and painting skills
- Creativity on design or paint job
- Overall appeal
- Gallery description
- Interactivity (valid for Diorama only)
(Since Gallery is not meant to be a competition, criteria other than skills will also be assessed)

If members' work was selected as Gallery of the Day, US$3.00 Cash Coupon reward will be granted and related work will be shown on index page.

Any restriction of Gallery?

Please be noted no commercial content is allowed in either watermark of picture or comment of the Gallery.
Images uploaded must be member’s original work or authorized by the owner.

Why the picture does not upload?

Only jpg, png & gif format are supported. Please also be noted that resolution cannot exceed 1024x768 (pictures will be resized if exceeded).

Is adult kit allowed?

Adult kit is allowed, however, the main image must NOT expose any adult content. And member should mark the work as adult while uploadning.

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