How to place an order?

After logging in, click on the button Add to Cart or Instant Checkout located on product page. You can repeat the above steps for other products. You can also adjust the quantity or delete on the Shopping Cart page.

To check out, please click on the button Checkout located on Shopping Cart page, then go to the Confirmation page to confirm Shipping Address, Payment Method and Shipment Method. After click on the button Confirm Your Order, a confirmation will be sent to your mailbox.

How long do GK pre-orders take to stock?

E2046 works with different workshops and all of them have a different number of quotas for us to reach in order to be able to send a purchase order and start production.

We do not have approximate release dates on kits as this depends entirely on our customers puchasing said GK of interest, so please help us into reaching the quotas by promoting the pre-orders of your favorite GK with friends or communities. When the quota is reached & purchased order submitted, we will update the product listing with "Pre-order (Purchased)" status, this means that we will expect a delivery in a two - three months, you can also check up on Feature > Arrival Date

What is Pre-order (Purchased)?

We need to collect a certain number of orders to meet the production quota, so we can send the purchase order to the supplier and start the production. The status would then be changed to Pre-order (Purchased)

Unable to receive order confirmation?

Confirmation will be sent for every new order. If you do not receive such message, you might wish to check upon the My Account, for further enquiries, please Contact Us.

What is the difference between the two checkout methods?

Instant Checkout - Direct you to the checkout final step, default option applies.
PayPal Express - PayPal details apply, with some preset option describe below

   Instant Checkout PayPal Express
Payment Method PayPal/Credit Card/Alipay/Bank Transfer PayPal
Shipping Method Registered Airmail/EMS/SF Express Registered Airmail
Shipment Option Consolidate / Immediate Immediate
Address Default Address Address on PayPal Account
E2046 Account Required Auto-create Upon Order
Use of Cash Coupon Optional No
VIP discount Yes Login Required
Gift Code Yes No
Prepayment Not Required Yes

How long will it take for me to receive my Gathering (pre-painted) order?

Once pre-orders for Gathering product purchase sent, it usually takes more than six months to complete, however, there are possibilities of delays as all products are made to order by the workshops, so this waiting period is not 100% guaranteed. Until we received a painted sample from workshop, we won't have an exact release date.


Will price change in future affect to my Pre-orders?

Pre-order price remains unchanged when the price goes up. On the contrary, it will follow the Lowest Price in event of promotion or discount being offered. If you have already prepaid the order, we will refund the difference in the form of cash coupon. Please note that the price change does not apply to completed transactions, such as those in-stock orders that are fully-paid, or those orders that are under delivery in progress.

Example: If you pre-order product for US$50.00 and the price reduces to US$35.00 in a promotion, your pre-order price will become US$35.00. If you prepaid in full, we will refund US$15.00 cash coupon to you.

How come the shipping fee is $0.00?

Shipping fee will be $0.00 when:
    Shipping fee unavailable until first arrival. In this case, we will collect shipping fee when stock arrive;
    SF express or other cash on delivery shipping method was chosen.

How to change shipping address?

For pre-order(s), you can always update order details including receiver, delivery address, contact number, shipping & payment option from related order(s) in My Account; for order already in payment procedure, please Contact Us.

* Please note that all modifications after Payment Success and Shipment Notice will not be accepted.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your pre-orders through " My Account " if we haven't yet sent a purchase order to the workshop for production; if you have prepaid for your order, we will refund the amount back as cash coupon to your account. For orders that have not been purchased, if you contact our customer service to cancel, 2% of the product price will be charged as a handling fee; if you cancel on our website yourself, the handling fee can be waived

If the purchase order was sent and/or the item is in stock and you decide to cancel, please be advised that a 5% cancellation fee will be charged.

Regarding to Gathering, PVC, DOLL or Others orders, the deposit is non-refundable, if you decide to cancel your order, your deposit will not be refunded.


Why I need to pay deposit?

If it is your first order, excluding in-stock items, 20% deposit will be required.

Once you complete your first order, deposit will not be required for future orders except the following conditions:
- 50% deposit will be required for pre-ordering Gathering products.
- 20% deposit will be required for pre-ordering Dolls, PVC, Others. (effective from 2 January 2020)
- Duplicate purchase or purchasing more than 1 unit of same item, 20% deposit will be required.
- You have an unsettled order and becomes 20% deposit account.
- Product price exceeds US$250.00, 20% deposit will be required.
Note that all paid deposit will not be refunded


Why my cash coupon was deducted for No Settlement Orders?

For "No Settlement orders", deposit is non-refundable; if no deposit is involved, 10% administration fee would be charged. Frequent visit to our website for own account management is highly suggested. (effective from 2 January 2020)

Pre-ordered product displaying as Out of Stock in product page?

The status is for those who have not placed the order. Placed order will not be affected by this status message.

How to put additional product in order?

Addition is unavailable for existing orders, please place a new order for other products.

Would bulk order receive further discount or faster process?

No. Please be noted our retail price always the same regardless of quantity; while all our orders are processed in 'First-come First-served' basis.

Does E2046 have any condition when selecting promotion products?

Under all circumstances, any product that currently under payment process (including payment request or payment success) will be excluded from the list.

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