How to use quarterly consolidated shipment?

You can choose " Quarterly Consolidated Shipment " on the final confirmation page as shipping instruction when using the normal check out or instant checkout.

Our consolidated system works a bit differently than other services, to better explain this, if you have more than one order and require us to ship them together, you can choose quarterly consolidated shipment; however the orders will be shipped together for all available item(s), meaning that if you have 2 preorder items and 1 in stock item in order XXXXX1, and you have another order #XXXXX2 with 1 in stock item, those in stock item(s) will leave our warehouse on specific dates in our calendar dedicated to ship all consolidated orders.
These dates are:
1st March, 1st June, 1st September, and 1st December.
We offer consolidated shipment for GK, modelling accessories. However, considering the safety over transit, we do not offer consolidate option for Gathering, PVC and Dolls.

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