When should I send payment?

Payment Request will only be sent to you when the order becomes available to ship.
Deposit Request will be sent to you when your account or order required deposit.
You can send payment to us at any time for order prepaid, then you can get reward by cash coupon subsequently.

What are the privilege of prepaying orders?

  • Prepaid pre-orders for GK Figures and GK Robots will be granted 3% Cash Coupon Rebate of product price upon Shipment Notice  *see remarks I & II
  • Prepaid pre-orders will not be affected by price raising; for price cutting before Shipment Notice, difference will be refunded via Cash Coupon
  • Prepaid pre-orders will be processed with first priority
  • Items with more prepaid pre-orders will have higher priority while we are making purchase
  • System will update the order status automatically after arrival
I ) Rebate amount do not include shipping fee
II ) Valid for order placed on or after 26 November 2015

Why can't I use cash coupon in confirmation page?

You are not allowed to use cash coupon in confirmation page by reason of insufficient balance when deposit request, customer is required to send payment via PayPal or Credit Card under such circumstance.
In contrary, you can use cash coupon to pay deposit when you have enough balance.

What kind of payment options available?

All members can choose on PayPal, credit card or Alipay. Hong Kong members can send payment via bank HSBC.

What credit card do we accept?

All credit cards issued from Countries Support by PayPal will be accepted.

Transaction Currency

All transaction will be processed in US Dollar. Foreign currencies will follow the exchange rate on the day of payment. Hong Kong members who send payment via bank, strict rate of US$1.00 = HK$7.80 ; Alipay users shall follow rate on the day when Payment Request made.

How to use PayPal?

Our partner is the largest international payment platform, PayPal. Feel free to Register a PayPal account for payment use.
To prepay Pre-order or send payment for In Stock orders, you can use the PayPal button in My Account or Payment Request page.

If you don't have PayPal account or prefer to use credit card, please use the Check Out as a Guest which can be found in PayPal check out page.

How do I use my cash coupons?

At the checkout page, you will have the option to select the box to use your cash coupon balance automatically. If the current balance cannot cover the total price, please settle the outstanding amount by the selected payment method.
At the order page or payment page, please select " Use Cash Coupon ".


Can you deduct my cash coupon when my pre-order arrive?

Yes, our system can deduct that automatically if your cash coupon balance is sufficient to cover the payment request amount.

Why the amount shows on Alipay is different from payment request?

As Alipay use currency other than US Dollar. Therefore the actual amount will subject to exchange rate fluctuation.

Why Insurance Transaction of Alipay is not accepted?

Insurance Transaction for Alipay aims at protecting buyers from individual sellers. On the other hand, we have maintained our reputation and is providing Customer Service for after sales support. Therefore, Insurance Transaction is not accepted.

Would there be any import taxes for products?

This would depend on destination country. However, we can provide invoice upon request. If, unfortunately, your package(s) is detained, invoice will be sent to you via email upon request. Please redeem the package(s) from Custom with the invoice provided.

Can I transfer payment from one order to another?

Yes you can. Please kindly Contact Us providing the order numbers.

Can I get a refund on canceled orders?

If you cancel an order, you will be refunded back as cash coupons without being charged a fee (except for deposits). If you request a refund back to your original payment method, we will need to charge a 10% administrative fee, please be sure to contact us to help you with this request.
If you cancel an order which has been sent our purchase order, you will be charged a 5% fee for order cancellation.

If we cancel your order with the reason that workshop or exporter cannot supply any more, then you can get back all refund without charge.

I have opened a PayPal Disputes/ Claim, why my account was freezed afterwards?

We have always been trying to resolve all problems with our members. Thus, we will Temporarily Freeze the Account if any member opened Disputes or Claims via PayPal. Account will be reopened after all issues were settled.