What can be done if there are missing / damaged parts?

Please Contact Us, indicate the details and provide pictures (if applicable). Replacement will be arranged after Customer Services Staff looked into the issue. Depending on the schedule of workshops, it usually takes from a week to two months before new parts are available. Once replacement was received, we will immediately send it via Airmail with shipping fees bear by E2046. Since Gathering items were hand-made, we'd require a return and repairing to avoid colour differece.

Last but not least, supplier may require replacement fee or even reject the request after 2 months upon Shipment Notice. Thus, we reserve the rights to refuse any replacement inquiry in such cases.

Quality or other issues of products

Please refer to the above entry. Nonetheless, if the issue cannot be solved by replacement, we might ask for returning of the product. Depending on cases, repairing, renewing or refunding might be offered. For renewing, please follow instruction from Customer Service and use Registered Airmail for returning. Shipping fee will be refunded as Cash Coupon after receiving (If member had used other shipping methods, amount of refund will equal to shipping fee when Registered Airmail was used). Note that we reserve all rights to reject any unauthorized return.

* We reserve the rights to refuse any refunds or replacements for PVC or/and Dolls if the original packings were opened.

Why isn't instruction manual included?

Instruction manual might not be included for particular items. Please refer to respective Product Pages. Please Contact Us if your instruction manual is missing.

Replacement Limitation

For items delivered for two months, we reserve all rights to reject replacement requests. Please have inspections on parts immediately upon receiving.

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