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PF12341 1/6 Mistress 9 (Pre-painted)
PF12341 Mistress 9 (Pre-painted)

Her is hug!!!😱😍 , es enorme y es totalmente mejor de lo que creí


Bambiv92 (Spain

RT2178 1/100 K.A.N.Beta Version
RT2178 K.A.N.Beta Version

Amazing cast with this one.


MateoPenate (Spain

RT2744 1/20 Goblin
RT2744 Goblin

Good cast, the only problem is the instructions but its an easy build so not that important


MateoPenate (Spain

FG2005 1/7 Etna
FG2005 Etna

Everything came really protected and high quality, at the exception of left ear which was a bit broken on the tip but it's fixable, the rest came in perfect condition.


Sentzer (Spain

FG5211 1/6 Ryomou Shimei
FG5211 Ryomou Shimei

Perfect as always. Nice kit for my yamashita collection.


sfrag (Spain

FG12023  Little Angel Child
FG12023 Little Angel Child

Pretty stunning design, look this wild character and that sword! It looks like a mini diorama with figure and the 2 dogs and pretty impressed with the size of one of them, even the chain is authentic and not a resin one. The whole set looks pretty big. As usual que casting, packing and such is the usual from E2046 but all of us already know that. Very pleased with this kit, E2046 keep bringing more kits like this one.


Lomcevak (Spain

FG10335  Burning Man Bust
FG10335 Burning Man Bust

Nice bust that requires almost no assembly at all.


kresil (Spain

FG12344  Motoko Kusanagi
FG12344 Motoko Kusanagi

It's my first kit and I don't have much experience, but I think it was very well done and intuitive. maybe I could ask for more quality eyes.


SherusK (Spain

PV10081 1/10 Anakin Skywalker Revenge of The Sith Version (PVC)
PV10081 Anakin Skywalker Revenge of The Sith Version (PVC)

Muy buena figura, con detalle y su producción también a su nivel. Artículo totalmente recomendado y envío rápido.


LordTanki (Spain

FG11267 1/7 Chocola
FG11267 Chocola

I really love this kit, but definitely have a few thingies that can't make me give it a perfect score. The kit is really fragile, and have some serious fitting issues, and that's a bad combination. The fitting on the skirt and the bangs was particularly bad and even with warm water and a heat gun ended up breaking before going into their position. Even worse, one of the twin tails didn't fit, and had to re-build the connection from zero. Finally, the panties (both of them) didn't fit, at all, it was completely impossible to pass them through the legs, so I had to re-build the sides with soft putty to be able to put and take them out at will. I love this kit, but was a pain to work with it.


Kurarashi (Spain

FG12459 1/6 Alita
FG12459 Alita

high quality, no complains at all


basanta79 (Spain

FG11869 1/7 Bishoujo Rarity
FG11869 Bishoujo Rarity

Llegó todo perfecto, la figura muy bonita, casi sin rebabas. Me gusta mucho.


arquetta (Spain

PF9538 1/7 Kitsunetsuki (Pre-painted)
PF9538 Kitsunetsuki (Pre-painted)

Very nice gathering figure, as always


DVNLP (Spain

FG2760 1/6 Mana Tsukuyomi
FG2760 Mana Tsukuyomi

Ha tardado pero por fin llegó. Buen kit.


amrbcn (Spain

FG12141  Android No.18 & Vegeta
FG12141 Android No.18 & Vegeta

Uau! Una figura impresionante!


amrbcn (Spain

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