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RT2657 1/144 Gouf Sean Custom
RT2657 Gouf Sean Custom

An excellent model, looks good painted up.

FG9783  Morrigan Aensland Nurse Verson
FG9783 Morrigan Aensland Nurse Verson

Another great kit with nice detail

FG11457 1/7 Scarlet
FG11457 Scarlet

Nice detail and a great pose

FG11429 1/7 Catwoman Returns Version
FG11429 Catwoman Returns Version

Love the pose for this kit

FG10096  Mumei
FG10096 Mumei

this an amazing kit one of the best i have bought.the detail is amazing the fit is great.i would recommend it to anyone.

FG8357 1/6 Rathalos Armor Hunter with Dragon Sword
FG8357 Rathalos Armor Hunter with Dragon Sword

this is a good size.great casting as usual very detailed.

FG10642 1/7 Sorceress
FG10642 Sorceress

Beautiful figure kit. Been looking forward to receiving this for over a year now but not disappointed. Perfectly cast with minimal cleanup. Only down side is that the figure doesn't actually fit to the piece of groundwork in the kit so final mounting will be somewhat awkward. Thigh it does say no base included in the disscription so was prepared for that. Thanks as always for another great kit😁👍

FG11103 1/10 Diver Girl
FG11103 Diver Girl

Great little casting of an unusual subjec. It will be perfect for a clear resin underwater diorams?

FG11214  Yorha No. 2 Type B DX Version
FG11214 Yorha No. 2 Type B DX Version

awesome kit. looking forward to working on it


MD Modelworks (Vereinigtes Königreich

FG11903 1/6 Tifa Lockhart
FG11903 Tifa Lockhart

Really very nice cast of a great model


MD Modelworks (Vereinigtes Königreich

FG10651 1/6 Ishtar
FG10651 Ishtar

NICELY MADE 1:7 OR 8 FIGURE. Clothes removable. Well made and packaged. Not a commonly seen figure.

AC2085  Black Rectangular Wooden Display Base L20
AC2085 Black Rectangular Wooden Display Base L20

Looks gorgeous and will shine with kenshin himura on top with his katana and his samurai dress. Also price is great. Hope its not a pain to drill when i mount the figure on it.


jcnexus582 (Vereinigtes Königreich

FG11030 1/7 Himura Kensin
FG11030 Himura Kensin

Gorgeous figure, well cast. No broken parts and not much scruff on it. Slight chemical smell but thats it. Cant wait to start painting!


jcnexus582 (Vereinigtes Königreich

DL2114 1/6 Nohime (DOLL)
DL2114 Nohime (DOLL)


AC2318  Brass Rod 2.5mm Pack of 5
AC2318 Brass Rod 2.5mm Pack of 5

Sturdy enough to not bend by weight but soft enough to be bended with the hands if needed, a good purchase indeed.


Kurarashi (Vereinigtes Königreich

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