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FG11433 1/6 Tamamo no Mae & Kiyohime
FG11433 Tamamo no Mae & Kiyohime

Great high quality parts and it was very well packed. Cute and rare kit, I'm glad to have it.

FG4935 1/5 Tomomi Aizawa Swimsuit
FG4935 Tomomi Aizawa Swimsuit

Fantastic. I love these tomomi kits, please give us more!!!

PV8207 1/7 Kasane Teto Yoshiwara Lament Version (PVC)
PV8207 Kasane Teto Yoshiwara Lament Version (PVC)


PV8769 1/6 Luna (PVC)
PV8769 Luna (PVC)

Didn't expect the figure to be in a large size, but it's perfectly made, no errors or broken details. 100% incredible product. Even the box is too precious to get rid off.

FG8842 1/7 Wang Bailong
FG8842 Wang Bailong

wonderful kit! simple to paint and put together.

FG6200 1/8 Dizzy
FG6200 Dizzy

she is so beautiful and the kti is very well designed, not a lot of tabs or seam lines and the resin is soft and great to work with. thank you

FG7188 1/8 Ashira Armor Hunter
FG7188 Ashira Armor Hunter

Great casting quality with no issues, would highly recommend.

FG11030 1/7 Himura Kensin
FG11030 Himura Kensin

look like a great kit cant wate to get started on it

RT2823 1/144 Gundam Artemie
RT2823 Gundam Artemie

Shipped quickly. Box in good condition.

FG10686 1/7 Illyasviel & Chloe
FG10686 Illyasviel & Chloe

Will be easy to modify to match Miyu, they're so cute, really looking forward to building them. Simple sculpt and not too many pieces.

FG10680 1/8 Mash Kyrielight Halloween Version
FG10680 Mash Kyrielight Halloween Version

Really excellent, I've started building her and it's been a pleasant process. Little cleanup needed, and so cute.

FG10723 1/7 Miyu Edelfelt
FG10723 Miyu Edelfelt

Great sculpt and will be simple to modify according to my needs. She'll go great with Kuro and Illya.

FG10527 1/8 Jeanne
FG10527 Jeanne

Tons of tiny pieces for this elaborate sculpt, but excellent quality. Bright white soft resin, extremely minimal flash, I'm impressed at the casting too, no air bubbles or other issues. She will be a challenge to build but I am confident in the end result.

FG6525 1/8 Saya
FG6525 Saya

Older kit so it's a little rougher around the edges, but nice quality resin and no issues with fit. Little sanding will be needed, the resin is very smooth and soft.

AC2319  Brush #1
AC2319 Brush #1

Shipped securely and arrived quickly

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