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FG8799 1/8 Elin
FG8799 Elin

The package came pretty fast it only took five days after they shipped it. the item seems to be in good condition with no broken parts


Jokker1234 (Estados Unidos de América

FG6377  Shiranui Mai
FG6377 Shiranui Mai

A nice piece, with clean cast. I have ordered several kits of this character. I liked this pose.

FG6672 1/7 Takamura Yui
FG6672 Takamura Yui

Another nice kit with clean cast. I like the costume and the decals that come with the kit.

FG6981  Nen Nen
FG6981 Nen Nen

A nice kit. Simple, but good pose. clean cast.

FG9091 1/7 Rin Tohsaka Lingerie Version
FG9091 Rin Tohsaka Lingerie Version

Excellent cast and quality months after I ordered it! Clear parts maintained its integrity after a year!


yatchitiem (Estados Unidos de América

RT3186  Aphrodai A
RT3186 Aphrodai A

The finished kit look amazing which is what grabbed my attention, mainly because I've been looking for a kit that I could convert into sort of a cat girl robot kit - articulation being an added plus with this kit. I did notice that there were some issue with the head with the edges not being as sharp or complete as it would seem in the example pics and also that some of the hole where the joints would go are not exactly at the right angle. Thankfully it doesn't matter because I will be customizing slightly so I can fix those issues as I go.

FG11023 1/7 Darkelf
FG11023 Darkelf

The gray skin tone and the gold trim really got me to like how this figure looked. The only issue that I have some trouble with is the connection of the neck area, it seems like the neck area where the head connects to the rest of the body is too tight for it to go in deep and make a full connection, because of this when I tried the area that is supposed to have gold at the edge of the part broke as it was stretching.

FG10097 1/7 Akiyama Rinko Pole Dance Version
FG10097 Akiyama Rinko Pole Dance Version

I can't wait to build this kit and have next to my other kit of her, only issue that I have with the kit is that the removable chest part doesn't seem to fit properly. I'm going to have to remove some resin and add some putty to fill in the empty space between the chest and torso.

PF10955 1/7 Altria Alter Dress Version (Pre-painted)
PF10955 Altria Alter Dress Version (Pre-painted)


FG4770 1/7 Asuka's Yoko Cosplay
FG4770 Asuka's Yoko Cosplay

I didn't know if I should get Asuka but because I also have Rei I decided to finish the set. The kit had some slight damage from shipping, all the shaking made one of the finger brake off and the strap on the middle of the top broke in 2 places. Thankfully the finger will be easy but the strap might be annoying to fix. I guess now I can repaint my Rei as it was my first Gk.

FG5736  Rei Cat Suit
FG5736 Rei Cat Suit

Great style, well sculpted and beautifully cast, shipping was prompt

FG9891  Kouyouhime
FG9891 Kouyouhime

Great style, well sculpted and beautifully cast, shipping was prompt

FG8519 1/7 Psychic Pink Harley
FG8519 Psychic Pink Harley

Great style, well sculpted and beautifully cast, shipping was prompt

FG10684 1/7 Super Sonico Hot Limit Version
FG10684 Super Sonico Hot Limit Version

Great style, well sculpted and beautifully cast, shipping was prompt

FG10061 1/8 Velvet Crowe
FG10061 Velvet Crowe

Great style, well sculpted and beautifully cast, shipping was prompt

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