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DL4301 1/6 Fantasy Fighting Queen Deluxe Version (DOLL)

Its a B grade tifa figure it doesnt look like tifa but acceptable.

DL3558 1/6 Tifa 3.0 (DOLL)
DL3558 Tifa 3.0 (DOLL)

It's alright. Can't say its pretty but ok.

DL3567 1/6 Price (DOLL)
DL3567 Price (DOLL)

One of the best captain price figure.

DL3637 1/6 Russian Special Combat (DOLL)
DL3637 Russian Special Combat (DOLL)

My top 10 women army figure. Highly detailed accept machine gun.

DL3632 1/6 Spartan Army Commander Golden Commander (DOLL)

Beautiful figures done by phicen. They never let me down

DL3938 1/6 Former 1st Class Soldier Deluxe Version (DOLL)

Not as same as the pictures. They changed the head sculpt without letting us know.

DL4036 1/6 Tache (DOLL)
DL4036 Tache (DOLL)

Everything about this figure is perfect

DL4037 1/6 Rine (DOLL)
DL4037 Rine (DOLL)

Everything about this figure is Perfect

DL4098 1/12 The Red Comet (DOLL)
DL4098 The Red Comet (DOLL)

I believe it was 1/6 scale when I ordered it

FG11525 1/7 Kinomoto Sakura Hello Brand New World Version

so many clear parts!@

FG10817 1/6 Inuyasha
FG10817 Inuyasha

Amazing kit! It was well done and easy to work with!

FG8994 1/7 Karen
FG8994 Karen

small scale but detailed and many parts.

FG3584 1/8 Fatima SSIZZ
FG3584 Fatima SSIZZ

old but beautiful kit.

FG12314 1/7 Re2ing
FG12314 Re2ing

Wonderful details. Several holes and tabs needed some cleaning to fit well due to excess flash, and many pieces need at least a little heat work to fit right- the most was on the jacket pieces, headphones, belts, and right arm. You have to partially assemble her to paint due to jacket/torso fitting. The chair legs are fairly delicate when just cast resin.


Atelier Potato (Соединенные Штаты

FG7801  Hatsune Miku
FG7801 Hatsune Miku

Great cast, good details. Wonderful fit on the figure itself. A few annoying tabs, and the hair and ribbons need some heat work to lay correctly.


Atelier Potato (Соединенные Штаты

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