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OT2213  TwinBee
OT2213 TwinBee

Greetings Guys Well first things first! And the first thing I have to say is: THAT WAS FAST!!! I didn`t expect this model so fast. But it was send with Express Service!! Ok! I don`t know, what I have done, to deserve an express delivery. So now let`s go to the real deal! This time I bought an plastic model of TwinBee. I loved the games when I was a kid, so I got no choice as to order this PlaMo. Just like an GunPla it came pre colored. There is a clear part for the window. I´ve inspected all the frames and they all looks very good. It is very detailed. It has an complete modeled cockpit. I don`t know, if it even exist an source for the interior of the cockpit or if the modeler got free hands to do it, how he imagined it would looks like. I mean, you pilot it, with an control console that looks exactly like the joypad of an SuperFamicom!! Well as the pictures shown, it comes with a bunch of weapons and exchangeable parts for the frontplate and Hands. As for the size. This time I wasn`t surprised at all. Well you can`t expect a bigger PlaMo for the prize of this one here. The package is as big as an average GunPla at the scale of 1/100. I expect TwinBee, if build, to be as tall like a Nendoroid. Well thats it for TwinBee With best regards Mr.Li


Zan Li (Germany

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