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PV7990  Nendoroid Emily (PVC)
PV7990 Nendoroid Emily (PVC)

Greetings Guys I´m late with this. I know. When I saw this new kind of Nendoroid, the first thing that comes to my mind was, that they look like the Cu-Poche figurs from Kotobukya. Well this new kind of Nendoroid is approximately 1head taller than the average Nendoroid and half a head taller than the Cu-Poches. The joints are well made. At the first try, they were a little hard to move, but after a gentle push, they are fully movable. One point of criticism: there are no real wrist. thats a little pity, cause that would have give this new Nendos the finishing touch. Even Figma Figures have wrists. Just like the Cu-Poches, the base has a steelplate as toplayer for the Magnets in the feet of the Nendo. It allows you to pose them in many ways, as long as they are well balanced. But there is also the supporting arm, with a magnetplate, for tricky poses. The arm has 2 ends. 1 ends with a pin, that can be sloted in the back of the Nendo. The other Arm is like a tweezers. I dunno how good this will be. Now some words to Emily, the very first Nendoroid Girl of this new Series. Her clothes are made out of real fabric. The opening of her clothes are on the back. There is even a free portion for the pinhole. The ribbon on the front, well, by mine Emily, the laces aren`t lowered in a 45° down. They are straight. It´s a liitle bit sad, but it´s Details like this, that can disturb the whole picture. The socks are made out of another softer fabric. You can even take them off. And she comes with a nice pair of black shoes, with in built Magnets. Well the best thing is the compatibility with other Nendoroids! There is even a spare neckpart for this. But carefull! You have to look if the Skincolor is the same. It iwould be total strange, if the Body has another skintone than the face. Well thats it, for the new Nendoroids With best regards Mr.Li


Zan Li (Deutschland

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