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PV8442  Nendoroid Goblin Slayer (PVC)
PV8442 Nendoroid Goblin Slayer (PVC)

Greetings Guys He does not let anyone roll the dice. THis Nendo of Goblin Slayer has arrived me safe and sound. Even as a Nendo he looks cool. The Joints are all in a formidable shape. None is too lose nor too hard moving.I haven`t found seamlines, holes or other unsightly surprises. The Cast is good. Same goes for the Goblin. There is one point I have to critize about. And that is, that there is no other Visor/Faceplate! He has the red light trail integrated on his visor, that can be pulled out, but it leaves a big hole. If I look at him from afar it´s no problem, but a closer look, and you can see it. That and that I knew that there is a hole, is absolutely unacceptable for me. There is a second left arm, without shield and many hands. He has a lot of details on his body, like the many pouches he has, the leather belts and straps. But I miss the 2 throwing knifes he wears in front of his hip on the belt. As for the weapons, his short sword is with him. Unfortunately it cannot be sheated in the scabbard. And then there is a club with a blood dripping from it, either for he himself or the Gobbo. There is also a torch, wich we know, he also use as a club. The size of the base is larger, so that he can be displayed with the Goblin. There is even a support arm for the little green runt. For the colorings. Well, in contrast to the Figma the Nendo of him received a proper painting for his ArmorPlates. In a dark metallic tone. The the clothes are in a nice darkgrey and the belts and straps in various browns. The Goblin is, well as lightgreen as a Goblin can be. With a brown loincloth. The flame of the torch is made out of a clear material with a nice colour transition. As the pictures shows us, the red light trail can be illuminated with a LED. Cause I don`t have one, I cannot say how it really looks. Sorry for that. Well I cannot say, that I´m fully satisfied with him as a Nendoroid, but oh well, Its nice to have him as a Nendo. With best regards Mr.Li


Zan Li (Germany